About us

Our skin is like a shield, the largest protective organ of our body. What we put on it is immediately absorbed. However, in a world full of synthetic products, our health often takes second place.

In the pursuit of cheaper alternatives, traditional animal fats were replaced by stable mineral oils. And we are inundated with products full of parabens, silicones and fillers that only create the illusion of effectiveness, at the expense of our health.

In 2021 my interest in holistic health began. By adjusting my diet and lifestyle I got rid of various health ailments. When I then looked at the products I used every day, I was shocked: even the 'natural' options were often still full of harmful substances.

There was no other option than to get started myself. So I simply started by applying Tallow to my face. The result was extremely good. Over time I was looking for more luxury, in the form of scent and spreadability. (Tallow is hard at room temperature). So I slowly started adding ingredients, like raw honey, and experimenting with different ratios and temperatures. Ultimately, the current popular Tallow & Honey Balm was created, which was perfect for me.

In addition to the balm, Tallow Soap also quickly took off. Friends and family were enthusiastic and Shrine Cosmetics was born. With the aim of helping as many people as possible who are looking for a natural product that works, without unnecessary mess.

Traditional ingredients, modern performance.

Welcome to Shrine Cosmetics.